Hosted by Jeph Loeb, Marvel Television held a panel discussing upcoming live-action shows that are currently being developed for ABC. With the key word being, developed.

The shows include Jessica Jones (Alias), Hulk, Cloak & Dagger and Mockingbird. First up is Jessica Jones, which is based on Brian Michael Bendis’ comic book series “Alias.” According to Loeb, the show will feature Carol Danvers and Luke Cage. The show will focus more about character development than super powers.

meanwhile, Guillermo Del Toro’s Hulk will be a new take on a classic character. It’ll focus on the love story between Bruce Banner and Betty Ross and be set in his earlier years. “Before everyone knew his secret.”

Under the ABC Family brand, we can soon expect to see “Clock & Dagger.” The story will be reimaged for a new audience and the characters themselves will appear younger than their comic book counter part. It’ll follow the story of two teenagers who find each other and their powers that complement and complicate their lives. The series will be set in post-Katrina New Orleans and is being written by Twilight writer Melissa Rosenberg. It’ll be more of a teen drama.

Lastly, the new project “Mockingbird” was announced, which will tell the story of Bobby Morse, a student at Silicon Valley university who’s recruited to join a secret organization. She’ll be sort of a female Peter Parker nerd, who leads a mundane normal teenage life but becomes a secret agent by night.

Loeb describes it “Alias meets Felicity.”

The panels ends and they switch to talk about Marvel animations…