Here’s our coverage of Hasbro’s Marvel Panel for upcoming Marvel news. Highlights include the return and unveil of the widely popular 6″ Marvel Legends, New Avengers movie line, and the fantastic 3″ Marvel Universe figures.

Marvel Movie Line
– The Avengers, Captain American, Thor, Iron Man (Already revealed)
– Amazing Spider-Man 3″ figure

Marvel Universe
– Wave 1 2012: Ultimate Spider-Man, Hulk (new sculpt), Beast, Beta Ray Bill and Kraven
– Wave 2 2012: Scarlet Witch, Punisher (new sculpt!!), Future Foundation Spider-Man, She-Hulk and Krang
– Spider-Man will have Paper Bag head variant
– Wave 3 2012: Angel (beautiful sculpted feathered wings), Nighthawk, Nova (Modern, spacey version), Hercules, Puck, Jubilee (seems like vampire version)

– Masterworks Fing Fang Foom (orange)

Marvel Legends
– New packaging design with art designed by Ed McGuinness
– Wave 1 (Revealed): Steve Rogers, Hope Summers, Extremis Iron Man (stealth variant), Classic Klaw, Constrictor, Ghost Rider (comes in blue and traditional orange flame variant), Modern Thor. BAF figure is Terrax.
– Wave 2: Bucky Cap, The Wrecking Crew, Madame Mask, Madame Hydra, Drax The Destroyer, New green costume Spider-Man, Daken (In Dark Avengers costume and a removable cowl), BAF Arnim Zola
– Wave 2 will feature running changes where certain figures will get replaced with new ones
– BAF Arnim Zola will have two different BAF pieces to use different face plate. Regular and one of Red Skull!

Interesting tidbits
– Marvel Legends will see the return of ankle rocker and a re-designed joint on a horizontal axis.
– Marvel Legends set at $14.99 MSRP.