OK, we just showed you the first official teaser poster for Man of Steel, now let’s talk about the panel that just ended a little while ago in Hall H at SDCC.

There are two things to talk about here, the footage that was screened and then the Q& A with the audience.

First, the footage:
The good news is that the footage looks totally different than any other superman, and especially different (and a lot better than Superman Returns.) It is also not the typical Snyder style film (Something for which I am extremely grateful). Parts of what we saw here today, you will see next week when you go to The Dark Knight Rises, but some of it was just for the Comic Con Audience.

It starts out with a view of smallville, showing clark running around in his cape. Then it cuts to a grown up version of Clark, with a beard as Jor-El (Russel Crowe) can be heard talking about children being inspired to greater things. There is also a shot of Kevin Costner as Pa Kent giving Clark some fatherly advice. this portion of the footage ends with clark in the barn, looking at the ship that brought him to earth and holding a chunk of metal with the Superman S on it.

I have a feeling that this is where the teaser probably ends.

The rest of the footage shows clark saving a busload of kids that has crashed into the water as a teen. More juxtoposition between Jonathan Kent and Jor El (a little bit of a Smallville vibe here)

Next, we finally see him in full costume. He’s walking across the snow and then a scene of him saving someone who is falling off a building. Lois is quickly shown (in handcuffs).

Then we see Superman, on fire and without his shirt, being tossed into a bank vault. We very briefly see Zod, climbing out of a pile of skulls and then we see the army turning their weapons on Superman.

I don’t think that there was a single disappointed person in the room.

Now, on to the Q & A

When asked how he got involved in the movie, Snyder said that it started with a call from Christopher Nolan. He Pitched Snyder a version of Superman and Snyder liked the angle.

When asked where the story comes from in the comic book continuity, Snyder said that it is a mashing of stories that tries to respect the mythology of Superman.

One fan asked Henry Cavill what he plans to add to the Superman Legend. He responded by saying “I want to bring as much of the modern Superman into the world. This movie is not only for the fans, but for those who haven’t felt this world and seen how it’s changed. I wantto bring a modern version everyone can associate with.”

On the pressures of being Superman, Cavill said,
“I get to wear that on my chest. I just hope I’ve done what I can to please you guys, because this is for you.”

On what comics inspired Cavill, he points to the Death and Return of Superman (This makes me cry inside a little). On the up side, he also said that he was inspired by Red Son.

On Cavill bringing his cape to a Justice League film, Snyder responded that right now they are just trying to get superman in order and then they’ll look forward… (that means yes.)