During an interview at San Diego Comic-Con, “Con Man” and “Firefly’s” Alan Tudyk pulls at fans heartstrings and says that he personally “think it [Firefly] will come back.”

This of course, contradicts series creator Joss Whedon who has said in the past that “Firefly” won’t be returning and is not something he’d be interested in revisiting. I for one, despite being a huge fan, agree.

Fans and Browncoat loyalists have since longed for a “Firefly” return ever since it was abruptly cancelled by Fox in 2002 after just one season. While a follow-up movie (Serenity) did manage to wrap up some of the loose ends it wasn’t enough to feed the starving fandom.

So will “Firefly” ever return? You’ll never know. Money talks and fandom money is so very, very green.