Well this is just about everything you could hope to see in an Evil Dead TV series. It almost makes up for that crapfest rreboot movie from a couple years ago. In the panel for the show, which featured Sam Raimi, Ivan Raimi, Lucy Lawless, Showrunner Craig DeGregario, and Buce Campbell, they mentioned that the new show would be a direct continuation of the series and takes place 30 years after Evil Dead.

Along with telling the crowd that the series plays like a five hour Evil Dead movie, tyhey gave up some details like the fact that Ash is once again responsible for releasing the evil. Also, on his character Campbell had to say this:

“Ash in his prime was the wrong guy to save the world, now he’s 30 years older. I’m really worried for the world. He’s one of the most flawed heroes you can have in a show or movie.”

Finally, they also announced that the series would be premiering on October 31st, Halloween.