Not all the fans were thrilled with the way the last season of The CW’s Arrow ended, but the new trailer just released at Comic Con today should bring back everyone to at least see what the upcoming season has to offer. The big thing is fresh blood. The season ended with a much diminished Team Arrow. Diggle went off to war, Speedy called it quits. Felicity suggested that Oliver get some new help and it looks like that is exactly what he’s doing.

You’ll actually recognize two of the new team members from earlier episodes. You’ve got tech wizard Curtis, and Evelyn Crawford, the woman who possed as Black Canary last season but will now be taking on the mantle of Artemis. Joining them will be a brawler named Wild Dog, played by Rick Gonzalez, who used to be on the underrated and short lived CW series, Reaper.

It looks like this season’s flash backs will be taking us to Oliver’s time with the Bratva, filling in a very important hole in his story. It was also revealed that the new team would be going up against Prometheus, the season’s big bad.