Get ready for a round-up of Everything DC/CW over the next few posts. We’ve got the trailers for the new seasons of all of your favorite CW shows and it looks like we are up for some pretty interesting times in all of them.

First up is The Flash. The Flash is in a really interesting position right now. Not only are they coming back for the 4th season with Barry locked away in an extra-dimensional prison, but the show is still working to win back viewers that it lost with the botched handling of Flashpoint last season.

As we’ve seen with previous season openers for Flash, this one starts off with another time-jump, this one is six months. The team is reeling from the loss of Barry and dealing the ramifications of a world without The Flash. How long will it stay that way? I’m betting not more than two episodes, but maybe only even one. We’ll find out when The Flash speeds back our way on October 10th.