While “Shazam” hasn’t been the biggest DC character in a while, he’s got a long and storied pop culture past and getting a movie for the character in the DCEU was pretty much a foregone conclusion. Now we are hearing from Warner Bros that he’s not only getting his own movie, but he is getting the next DCEU movie to film before even Flash or the Suicide Squad sequel. The report came out today, just ahead of Saturdays big Warner Bros panel where we will probably get some casting for both Billy Batson and his alter ego.

Along with the news was confirmation that Shazam’s arch-nemesis, Black Adam (who will be played by Dwayne Johnson), will not appear in the film. The goal is to give them each their own films and then have them collide in a third film. To me, it sounds like they are concerned that The Rock will overshadow pretty much anyone they put up against him, so they want the character of Shazam to build up a little bit of momentum before making them share the screen.

Source: THR