One of the best surprises that animation fans have had on Netflix is just how good the rebooted Voltron: Legendary Defender series has been. When season 2 ended, we were left with some pretty big cliffhangers. The team was missing a main member and that meant that there was no one to pilot one of the Lions. Without all the lions, they can’t form Voltron. Without Voltron, the universe is in peril. Thankfully, we’ll only have to wait until August 4th to find out what happens next!

The success of Zarkon’s defeat comes at a price: Shiro has vanished. With the ascension of the mysterious Prince Lotor and without a pilot for the black lion, the team must somehow find the strength to keep fighting. But how can they defend the universe without Voltron? Find out when all-new episodes of DreamWorks Voltron Legendary Defender come to Netflix, August 4.