Hey all. Today is the first day of comic con. We’ll have a ton of news and photos for you soon, but I wanted to tell you all about this morning’s Tron Legacy. In a word? GEEKGASM. I got there early and actually saw the Megamind Panel, which I’ll write about later, but the main event was TRON. Everyone was there from Jeff Bridges and Bruce boxlietner to Olivia Wilde, Micheal Sheen and Garret Hegelund. Even better, the panel was hosted by Patton Oswalt.

I can’t even begin to tell you how great the trailer was.. not to mention the 8 minutes of footage they showed of us of Sam Flynn getting his identity disc and entering the arena.

The movie looks like it really will live up to the hype. It is also amazing 3d. This 3D tech is the next generation after Avatar and you can tell.

Along with the footage, a big highlight was that the guys from Skywalker sound were there to record the panel audience in some well choreographed stomping and chanting of “Disc War” and “De-Rez” to be used in the actual sound for the movie.

After the panel ended and people started to shuffle out, you get to remember what it is that makes comic-con special… especially on the hollywood side of things. Patton oswalt came back on stage and make a joke about how upset everyone who just left is going to be when they read about this on the net. Then he had us put on the 3D glasses again and he treated us to a few minutes of none other than Jack Sparrow on screen in 3D having a drink and talking about the adventure that he’s “not” going on to find the fountain of youth and how he “won’t” encounter zombies, mermaids and Penelope Cruz.

Then they brought up the title screen with the date of May 20, 2011!

But wait there’s more! He then showed us a teaser for a new Haunted Mansion movie… without Eddie Murphy. He then said, the best person to tell you about this is the director…. and out walks Guillermo Del Toro!

He loves the ride and has a room in his house dedicated to it. He’s promising a scary action movie, not a family comedy. He’s already warning you that your kids will get frightened. That was one hell of a panel.

I’ve got a couple pics from the panel that I’ll post up later so check back.