In 2011, Sesame Street introduced a 7-year-old Muppet named Lilly, who came from a family where there was not enough food to keep everyone fed. Flashforward to today and Lilly is back. She still appears to be 7, but her family’s problems have escalated from food scarcity to home scarcity. Yup, Sesame Street is introducing their very first homeless muppet.

Rocio Galarza, senior director for content and outreach at the Sesame Workshop had this to say:
“We made very specific choices for this characters so it conveyed the message that anyone could be going through this. It could be your neighbor, could be part of your family sometimes. The character is going through this with her family but is benefiting from the support of her entire community.”

Lilly’s story will be told over a series of Youtube videos that will begin dropping this week. During the course of the tale, we’ll follow Lilly as she and her family go back and forth between shelters, crashing with relatives and staying with Sofia, a human who works at the local community center.