Seth Gordon has been hired by MGM to direct a remake of the seminal 1983 thriller/hacker film “War Games.”

Originally directed by John Badham and touted as the most realistic hackers movie, “War Games” told the story of David Lightman (Matthew Broderick), a young hacker who unknowingly accesses WOPR, a United States military supercomputer programmed to predict possible outcomes of nuclear war. Lightman activates the nuclear war simulation believing it to be a computer game and causes a national nuclear missile scare that nearly starts World War III.

Gordon who broke in to Hollywood with his documentary “The King of Kong” has recently also directed the upcoming comedy “Horrible Bosses,” with Colin Farrell, Kevin Spacey, Jennifer Aniston, Jason Bateman, Jason Sudeikis and Jamie Foxx.

“War Games” had always been a favorite of mine growing up and while I think it’s cool that MGM is remaking it for modern times, it’s still entirely unnecessary just like the recently revealed “Footloose” remake. If anything, I have faith in Gordon and I know he’ll do justice with the new film. Plus, I suppose it would be cool to see how “accurate” they make computer hacking in this new film as the original was primarily known for that.

Source: Deadline