Everybody knows that any good show must come to an end. This concept has not escaped “Family Guy” creator Seth macFarlane, who can foresee the end to his raunchy cult hit “Family Guy.”

In an interview with Sun Media, MacFarlane said that his “perfect scenario” would be to do the show for “another couple of years and then wrap it up.”

“I don’t want to go 20 years like The Simpsons,” MacFarlane said. “Ideally we would go another couple of years and then wrap it up. That would be my perfect scenario.”

“I mean, I can already see it coming. I can already see the … we’re in season eight, and it gets harder, it gets harder and harder to do new stuff. I mean, every show starts to suck after a certain point. And we could already be there for all I know, I don’t know.”

Additionally, Macfarlane adds that Family Guy is exhausting to make. “It does get tiring,” MacFarlane said. “It’s a year-round job, it’s seven days a week, it gets exhausting.”

Although MacFarlane has a long-term contract inked with Fox, the contract does not pigeonhole him to just “Family Guy.” Therefore, even if “Family Guy” ends, MacFarlane can always start a new show, similarly to what he has done with “American Dad!” and the upcoming “The Cleveland Show,” which debuts this fall.

Source: jam.canoe.ca