Studios love giving out way too much about upcoming super hero films. That’s why it is so weird that the only images to come out of Josh Trank’s Fantastic Four Reboot are leaks that have all been recalled by Lawyers.

Now, Simon Kinberg has sat down with CBM to talk about the film and this is what he’s had to say on the wall of silence surrounding the cinematic reboot of Marvel’s first family.

“We’re putting it together now, and one of the important things, because this Fantastic Four is a reboot, and is such a different tonality and vibe from those other films, we want to make sure that the first thing we put out really expresses the voice of the movie, and isn’t compromised by not having visual effects ready, or anything like that.
I don’t actually know when it’s coming out, but I’ve seen all the footage from the movie. I was there for pretty much the whole shoot. It is a very different film from the others, and one that I think is very different from other superhero movies. It’s a very emotional, character-driven, more grounded film than I think people are anticipating.”

Source: Collider