According to “Sin City” actress Alexis Bledel, the “Sin City 2” script is complete and that as far as her character, Becky, is concerned, it will be a prequel.

“Someone told us yesterday that there’s a script,” Bledel’s “Post Grad” co-star Zach Gilford told MTV News during a chat with the pair.

“I don’t know what their source was,” added Alexis, “but they said they read the second script. … Apparently, [I’m] back because it’s a prequel. Because [I’m] supposed to die in the first one. But you don’t see it, so maybe she doesn’t.”

It is believed that the prequel part is a segment adapting Frank Miller’s long-rumored-for-the-big-screen “A Dame to Kill For”. Director Robert Rodriguez previously stated that the sequel would blend old “Sin City” stories with all-new yarns by Miller.

Our thoughts is that “Sin City 2” will feature blends of new and old “Sin City,” as a way to bring back some fan-favorites. Could this possibly mean the return of Marv or maybe even Hartigan? I guess only time will tell.

Source: MTVsplash