One of the first things to stop in the entertainment industry when COVID -19 hit was live broadcasts with studio audiences. As a result, many live shows are still filming from home, while programs like Saturday Night Live limped to the ends of their seasons while trying to figure out how to adjust for the new format.

Now, NBC is announcing that SNL is about to return for their 46th season of live TV, from their studio on ROckefeller Center.

 SNL‘s 46th season premiere date has been announced — alongside the news it will be returning to the studio for live broadcast sooner than many expected. The New season is set to begin on NBC on October 3, airing live at 11:30pm EST. There is currently no word on whether there will be an audience, if it will just be friends and family who have been tested, or if they will go the people on screens method that is currently being used by the WWE.