Today is a leaky day for Disney’s Han Solo origin tale. First we get some new images from the film and now we are getting detailed off a leaked upcoming issue of Empire Magazine. While a Han Solo prequel film is probably my personal least anticipated Star Wars movies of all time, I’m still curious to see what they plan to do with the scoundrel’s story. From the sound of it, they’ll be drawing inspiration from the events in the
comics and books that fans have come to know as Han’s story, but they’ll be playing with the specifics.

From previous interviews with screenwriter Lawrence Kasdan, we already know that the film is going to focus on Han Solo’s journey to becoming the character we met in A New Hope. He won’t start off that way. We know that Kasdan has also said that we’ll be getting a variation of the Han Solo/ Chewbacca first meeting. It will lightly be a slight variant on the traditional story of Han getting kicked out og the IMperial Academy when he frees an enslaved Chewie. We’ve also previously learned that we’ll get to see the Kessel Run in this movie. Personally, this is super disappointing. Han’s line about doing the Kessel Run in in 12 parsecs is a thing of legend. Turning it into a single set piece in a spin-off film runs the risk of robbing it of its magic.

Other tidbits that we got from the leaked article include that the Millennium Falcon will most closely resemble the way it looked in Revenge of The Sith, with blue and white paint. Finally, the article also mentions the gold dice that were hanging in the Falcon. You may have noticed that they got some special attention in The Last Jedi. They are the dice from the game of Corellian Spike, in which Lando Lost the ship to Han.

With five months left until the film is supposed to hit theaters. we’ll probably have some new details headed our way soon.