Last November we wrote about the Halcyon group, putting the rights for Terminator up for auction. This includes all future rights to Terminator from TV series, merchandise, to feature film. The bidding for it is set to close, and while Lionsgate has interest, it appears as if Sony has now entered into the picture.

While it’s unclear how much Sony big for the franchise, Variety reports that Sony had submitted a bid late Thursday.

Lionsgate was reported to have already plunked down its own offering of $15 million and 5% of gross future receipts, however, no word on whether Sony has outbid them. Additionally according to Empire, should Lionsgate lose, it’s guaranteed $750,000 under a breakup contract.

The auction will be held on Monday in Los Angeles. So we’ll update you next week.

In the meantime, while it’s interesting to point out that while “Terminator Salvation” was a bust domestically, it faired surprisingly well internationally. It’s also interesting to note that while Warner Bros. distributed the film locally, Sony handled the film abroad. Therefore, it’s without a doubt that Sony still believes in the viability of the franchise.

This won’t be the last we’ve seen of the Terminator movies. They will be back.

Source: Empire