Sony Pictures is reportedly considering Christoph Waltz (The Green Hornet) as the villain for their upcoming Spider-Man 3D reboot starring Andrew Garfield. It is rumored that the role would be for The Lizard, one of Spider-Man’s arch nemesis that has been teased in previous Spider-Man pictures but never really considered as a starting villain.

Considering he recently won an Oscar playing a Nazi Jew hunter, it’s no surprise Sony would be interested in casting him in their new Spider-Man reboot. But the question remains whether Waltz would be up for the role. He’s currently slated to appear in Seth Rogan’s “The Green Hornet” as the main baddie, as well as Francis Lawrence’s “Water for Elephants” and Paul W.S. Anderson’s “The Three Musketeers.”

“Spider-Man 3D” doesn’t officially begin shooting until December so there’s still time for Sony and Waltz to make up their minds, but with very little substantial information I’d consider this a rumor or at best wishful thinking by Sony.

Marc Webb’s Spider-Man reboot won’t drop until July 3rd, 2012. Would you want Waltz to play The Lizard in Spider-Man 3D? Let us know.

Source: Collider