For those who missed the recent South Park episode that offered a parody of the current “dark” superhero fads, you can now watch the episode in its entirety online at

No recent superhero movie was spared as it seemingly poked fun at every recent superhero movie from “Watchmen,” “The Spirit,” to “The Dark Knight.” Not to mention every idiotic or “suspension of disbelief” comic book cliches known to the medium. And of course, it wouldn’t be a proper parody if South Park didn’t do the “Batman” voice… yup, it’s all here.

As a fan of many of the recently comic book movies, I can honestly admit that I got a kick out of this episode, despite the fact that South Park hasn’t been original or funny since dial-up was the next big thing. Anyway, here’s a short teaser for your viewing pleasure. The episode is properly entitled, “The Coon”: