When we last left off on the soap opera that is Todd McFarlane’s live-action Spawn movie, Jamie Foxx was set to play the title role with Avengers star Jeremy Renner set to appear as detective Twitch Williams. The film is being made with Blumhouse, but it is currently stalled due to creative differences between McFarlane and the studio. At this point, we are hoping the movie gets made, but we wouldn’t be all that surprised if it doesn’t.

In the meantime, it looks like movies aren’t the only thing McFarlane has in mind for the Image Comics franchise. CBR is reporting that he just unveiled his plans for two different animated series to Spawn-lovers in attendance at Canada’s FanExpo.

“We’re talking right now,” McFarlane said. “I just had a couple meetings this weekend about a couple different animation looks, both something that we can get kids in at a younger age and then get them into the sort of crack cocaine version of Spawn. And then do the adult one. So we’re talking about that. I think both of those come after the movie.”

We aren’t sure exactly what a Spawn for kids might look like, but we have some great, Muppet Babies-inspired ideas we’d love to discuss with Todd if he’s available. Think of it. Spawn, Violator, and Angela in the playroom with Nanny Malebolgia’s legs appearing once in a while to share some wisdom, and possibly demonic punishment…

As you may remember, this isn’t the first time Spawn has gotten the animated treatment. From 1997-99, there was a Spawn cartoon on HBO that was actually pretty awesome. You can watch the majority of it on Youtube. Check out more than an hour’s worth from season 1 below: