If we had to bet money that Todd McFarlane’s Spawn film starring Jamie Foxx and Jeremy Renner is actually going to happen, we might just put the money into a conservative mutual fund instead. It’s a film that has been in the works for years, but that has always seemed to have something get in the way. In a new interview with Newsarama, it looks like Todd still has hope for the film, and a lot of that hope is based on the success that Joker Had in the box office. Here’s what he told the outlet about the status of the live-action comic book adaptation.

“When I was at New York Comic Con, Joker came out and Hollywood has a penchant for looking at what works, then doing it 10 times over. This movie opened up, then made a billion dollars which is still 33% bigger than any other R-rated movie in the history of cinema. So, Hollywood is on the go for R-rated comic book stuff, right? The phone has been ringing and I’ve got lots of people thinking about Spawn now. There’s a different momentum happening right now and in the next month, I should have another big announcement about the movie.”

While that is all well and good, even McFarlane seems to acknowledge that there’s a running clock on Spawn being a viable film project:

“The window is open right now and if I can’t pull it off this year, it’s only going to get harder, right? I’m confident enough that it’s going to work, but give me a month.”