The AP reports that Sony Pictures plan on releasing Marc Webb’s upcoming “Spider-Man 3D” reboot for Sony’s new glasses-less 3D television sets which will debut next month in Japan.

Sony said it will start selling in Japan next month two films and two music videos in 3-D, and planned home software of 3-D theater releases, including a 3-D “Spider-Man” opening in 2012.

While 3D films with glasses are just starting to find a market, it seems as if it’s already becoming obsolete. But if home 3D is anything like the HD/Blu-ray market, I say it’ll take at least 2-3 years before they becoming more affordable and mainstream. I mean, have you really looked at the price of 3D TVs now? Sheez! In this war of 3D home entertainment, my money is on Sony’s glassesless technology and the safest bet is to hold out on a new 3D TV purchase for now. Who wants to watch movies with bulking glasses with wiring anyway, right?

Source: AP