KYMN recently interviewed and extra from the Batman The Dark Knight Rises set. Keep in mind, what he had to say is totally unconfirmed and could have been logically pieced together by anyone who read the ‘Knightfall’ storyline from back in the 90’s, but we still want to bring it to you just in case.

If you don’t want to know the details I’d suggest you stop reading right now!

Know Your Marvel News: So you are an extra in The Dark Knight Rises?

“TheDredog21”: I’m a Extra in the movie when we start shooting in Pittsburgh next month.

KYMN: You say next month, is there anything you have already filmed, anything new that we saw in the teaser?

“TheDredog21”: [in the trailer] The Epic Conclusion is referring to the fight scene between Bane and Batman. Batman does get bloodied and beating to a pulp finally bane has Batman over his head in the air …..well you just have to find out what happens but the first offical trailer you will see has young Ra’s al ghul and Catwoman. But it is Bane and batman at the end of the trailer Batman is limping and Bane is limping as well, Batman walks up to Bane before they fight and Bane says I’ve been waiting for you pumps his Venom up then turns his head then Batman backs up.

KYMN: Some very interesting details, so what else will you be shooting?

“TheDredog21”: I’m Just a Extra During Banes Prison Break but I hope to do more films since im talented in doing voices and i would play a real dark bad guy or any voice of a villian if i had a chance to.