Yesterday we received an anonymous tip from an unverified source detailing the synopses of a leaked script for Warner Bros and Greg Berlanti’s upcoming Green Lantern movie. Even if it turns out to be bogus like half the “facts” on the Internet, we are going to take full precaution and warn you that everything you are about to read from here on out will most definitely be considered spoilerific. This seems to be a complete detailed synopsis so you have been warned.


“Hey Wookie, got something to share. Recently I was able to get my hands on the first draft of the upcoming WB Green Lantern movie. It’s fantastic and beyond epic, I just had to share. Tis is the season of giving right? Anyway, this is a major spoiler so read with extremely caution. Don’t say I didn’t warn ya. And away… we… go!

The script begins with an introduction of Oa, the home of The Guardians. We get to see it in all its emerald glory. There is a VO describing who The Guardians are, but not a lot is really given. All we know is they protect the universe… and that there are heroes everywhere, with one even being one of us (human).

We are then taken to 15 years ago on Earth, where we are introduced to Martin Jordan and a young Hal Jordan, in addition to Carl Ferris and a young Carol Ferris. They are at some air show and Martin will be flying. Tragedy strikes and Martin losing control of his plane, everyone is screaming into the radio telling Martin to eject but he thinks he can divert the plane from crashing into the stands. He does it, he’s a hero!! But wait… “Where is it, where is his ‘chute” a young Hal screams. Martin doesn’t make out of the crash and Hal is left fatherless.

Back in interstellar space… we get to see Tomar-re and Abin Sur, Green Lanterns! They talk about some recently deceased Green Lanterns and Abin Sur goes out into space to the ship to investigate. Out of nowhere there’s yellow light and he is attacked by Legion!! He does everything he can but his ring his power ring has no effect on it and soon he is engulfed by its yellow tentacles! He gets away just in time to report back to the other Lanterns… It’s the Legion and he’s alive! By then he realizes that the injuries he received are fatal and reports to the others that he will seek out a replacement.

Flash to the present. Everyone has all grown up, especially Hal who we find in bed with some hottie… who also happens to have a muscle head boyfriend. You can figure out what happens next. ..Hal is trying to escape with his life while being late for a job… Meanwhile, Carol is at Ferris Aircraft trying to demo of the Sabre jet, a rocket jet airplane designed by Carl Ferris. We learn that she is trying to setup a demo for some big wigs. The Senator is there and touting the Sabre jet as the first unmanned automated flying machine that will soon replace pilots. The Senator is skeptic.

Eventually Hal arrives at the airbase and we learn that he plans on flying a jet in Carol’s demonstration. We also get the vibe that Hal and Carol are at odds with one another, he’s disappointed and let her down one time too many… They make a bet that Hal is NOT better than the Sabre. If Hal wins, he gets to take Carol out for dinner. Carol scoffs and tells flyboy he’s going down.

It is now the demonstration. It’s a 3-3 dogfight, and eventually a 1-3. The other pilots have fallen to the Sabre, but not Hal! Hal can’t shake em… they’re good. That is until Hal decides to pull a coffin-corner, a suicide maneuver where the plane stalls because of its speed equaling its mach… shutting down the plane and knocking out the pilot. The saber follows…. And it worked… they stall out!!! Hal wins, but at what cost?! From the altitude, he passes out and the F-16 he WAS piloting free falls back down to earth. Carol screams over the radio to an unconscious Hal “DAMMIT HAL, WAKE UP!” And at the last minute he does. He restarts the jet and lands safely. He will pick Carol up at 8.

Meanwhile, Abin Sur’s space ship rockets down to earth and crashes in the dessert. With his dying breath, he tells his power ring to seek out someone honest and brave. The ring zips around the planet in a green glow and we get teasers of Guy Gardner and The Daily Planet!

We are then taken to a birthday party for Hal’s nephew, Nathan. We get to meet all of Hal’s all-American family. While he is hanging out with Nathan and trying to pull a quick one on him by telling him he named a star after him. In the corner of his eye he sees a green light and is eventually hit with it in the chest. But as quick as it appeared, it disappeared just as fast. After the party, his car glows green and on the radio he begins to hear the voice of Abin Sur. The car then lifts up into the air and he is transported to the crash site of Abin Sur’s spaceship. He is then fed images and told about the Green Lanterns, and eventually given the ring! Hal calls his friend Tom to pick him up and lets him in on the secret, even telling him about how Abin wanted him to have his ring… to which Tom asked, “He proposed?”

By now we are introduced to Hector Hammond. He is a loser, a lowlife, and is the villain to this story. Eventually we also learn that he’s the Senator’s disappointment of a son. Hector is assigned to perform an autopsy on the body of Abin Sur which the military have now found. Hector discovers something yellow in the cadaver; it’s a piece of the Legion! He touches it and it zaps him unconscious…

Cut to Hal with the ring trying to figure out how to charge it. As he’s about to give up saying, “Screw this, I’m a pilot not a hobbit,” he accidentally triggers something to reveal the Green Lantern oath! WHOA! Then all of a sudden, knock knock, it’s Carol for their date. They have a great and serious talk before Hal gets distracted and runs into the musclehead boyfriend of the girl he was sleeping with when we first see him. He is with friends and Hal pretty much gets his ass kicked. It is now that we get to see his newly acquired powers for the first time! A giant glowing fist of doom! He makes quick work and is quite impressed. Also for the first time ever, he also learns that he can fly!!!!

Fade out to Hector Hammond… he begins to discover that he now has mind control powers. He can hear other people’s thoughts… he can move things with his mind! He is no longer the pathetic loser everyone makes him out to be… He is now the one in full control and he isn’t afraid to use his new powers to bully everyone around him. Meanwhile, Hal is taken to Oa, and he meets Sinestro, Tomar-re, and Killawog “POOZER!” They tell him it is his fate, the ring has decided and what he now must do. Hal, pretty much tells them all to shove it. But before he returns back to Earth, they warn him of the Legion and how planet Earth is now in danger…

Back on Earth, there is another air show… this time the Senator will be flying an F-16. Hal has been grounded due to his last stunt. He watches in the tower with everyone else and begins to notice that something is wrong… we learn that Hector has honed his skills and is now controlling the jets! Hal has flash backs of his father and his accident. Here, finally, we see Green Lantern in action as a hero for the first time! Action scene! Action scene! Action scene! He ends up saving the day and even Carol. She is intrigued; she has no idea that it’s Hal.

Hal, now Green Lantern, begins to appear more and more in public, performing feats of heroism. Everyone watches in awe of Earth’s newest domino masked emerald hero. Eventually he visits Carol as Green Lantern and tries to romance her by taking her into the sky and showing her an emerald recreation of Paris… which she has never seen despite owning many planes. “For a girl who flies a lot, I’ve never been anywhere,” sadly she tells him.

Cut to the military who soon learns of Hector’s condition and decides to go after him. By now, Hector is growing more and more grotesque, his head is getting larger while his body begins to slowly waste away. He goes after his father half heartedly trying to seek his approval and to show him that he is no longer a loser that his father always believes him to be. GL eventually learns of this and has to cut his date with Carol short.

Hector and GL clash for the first time, and for the first time GL learns that his ring is not all powerful that it has a weakness… the yellow from the Legion! During this time Hector reads GL’s mind and learns of his alter ego, and his love for Carol… GL is defeated and he retreats not knowing what to do.

He returns to Oa and asks for help from the other GLs. They, thinking that he is not a member of the Corp turns him down. Meanwhile, Legion who the GLs had just recently captured escapes and makes more action scene! More awesome action scenes later, it is GL who ends up defeating Legion using some quick thinking and piloting ingenuity. As a result of the intense battle, his temples turn grey… he almost died but survived. The Corp is impressed and changes their mind and is now willing to help Hal.

Back on earth, Carol and Carl are attacked by a now wheelchair bound Hector. But don’t let his immobility fool you, he is now stronger and even more ruthless. He demands for Hal and holds Carol hostage. Hal returns to earth to encounter Hector, and realizing that he is essentially powerless and not wanting to put Carol’s life in any danger, decides to make Hector a deal. He offers him his ring for her release. Of course, being the bad guy Hector is, once he got the ring he mind throws her into a Sabre and launches her into a mountain destroying the controls. The power of the ring turns out to be too much for Hector to handle and it pretty much blows him away. The ring returns safely to Hal. But as he gears up to rescue Carol, he realizes that the ring is now powerless, he has to be recharged!

Hal, is back to his normal self, defenseless, powerless, his love of his life rocketing to her death… with all his will he summons his courage and decides to pilot a jet to go on after her — a suicide mission. But in his heart he knows that he has let her down one time too many, he will not let her down this time! He gets to the Saber and was able to eject himself and her… they find each other in the air and free fall to their death…

In their final embrace they kiss, a kiss with all the passion in the world… a kiss of hope which recharges his ring and he slowly transforms back into the Green Lantern and Carol tells him that she knew all the long.

The script concludes with another final surprise, but I won’t talk about it here. And that’s that! Merry Christmas, enjoy!”