Honestly, when we first got word that JJ Abrams was going to write a Spider-Man comic book with his son for Marvel, it sounded like a throw-away, vanity project, but now that details of the first issue are starting to come out, we are more than a little curious about it.

If you want to turn back before we get into spoiler territory, this is your last chance.

It turns out that the majority of the new Spider-Man isn’t going to be about Peter Parker. In the prologue of the book, he is seriously maimed in battle with the new villain Cadaverous, who then goes on to murder Mary Jane.

Flash forward to several years later where we meet a young Ben Parker, the son of Peter and MJ. He’s living with his great aunt May, because it turns out that Peter hung up his tights and his sense of parental responsibility after losing both his wife and one of his limbs in the same day.

So, where will the story be taking us? It looks like we’ll be seeing the evolution of the next generation of Spider-Men and probably a tough confrontation between Peter and Ben when Cadaverous inevitably makes his return.

OK Marvel, you’ve got our attention.