If the world of comic books is our version of Mount Olympus, Stan Lee is our de facto Zeus. While he’s not the only mind behind Marvel’s greatest creations, he’s the last man standing and he’s had a hell of a ride. FOX has now decided that they’ve put Stan in enough of their comic book pictures that it is about time that they just bit the bullet and gave the man his own movie.

THR is reporting that the studio has purchased the rights to Lee’s story and will bring it to the big screen as a 1970’s action adventure. The film is being produced by Marty Bowen and Wyck Godfrey (Twilight, The Maze Runner, Power Rangers). Lee will executive produce, himself.

The tone of the film is described as being similar Kingsman, and will be set in the 1970’s when Lee was in his 40’s. I’m not sure how much liberties will be taken with the story, but I’m sure Stan Lee will come out looking as tough, brave, and adventurous as any one of the many heroes he’s created over the years.

Source: THR