JJ Abrams has received some blow-back in regards to a particular scene from Star Trek Into Darkness which features the character of Carol Marcus, played by Alice Eve, in her underwear for no apparent reason. Last night, Abrams defended the scene on Conan, pointing out that there was also a scene where we see a shirtless Kirk (Chris Pine) and that there was even a scene featuring Benedict Cumberbatch in the shower. While that scene didn’t make the final edit, Abrams brought it along for everyone to see.

Check out what is now being called the “Evil Shower” below.

There’s been some controversy over a scene in Star Trek Into Darkness where Carol Marcus (Alice Eve) strips down to her underwear on screen for no reason. Director J.J. Abrams recently went on Conan to explain his decision by saying that it was intended as a moment of levity in an action-packed scene. He also said that we see Kirk (Chris Pine) naked from the waist up post-threesome with some alien babes. Abrams doesn’t seem to quite get it that both scenes objectify women, but in terms of eye candy, Eve and Pine are both very attractive people. However, if you want some more partial nudity, it turns out there was a deleted scene of Benedict Cumberbatch showering, and thus creating today’s most searched phrase on Google. This is a real scene, not one made up by Conan.

Hit the jump to check out Cumberbatch’s “evil shower”.

Source: Collider