It’s starting to feel like Star Trek has moved entirely to the small screen and that there’s no chance we’ll be seeing another Star Trek film, at least not for a good amount of time. After all, if the idea of Quentin Tarrantino directing a Trek film can’t revive the franchise, what can? In a new interview with Gamesradar, Simon Pegg (Scotty) has put in his two cents on what’s holding up the next movie, and he thinks it’s all about the benjamins.

“The fact is, Star Trek movies don’t make Marvel money. They make maybe $500 million at the most, and to make one now, on the scale they’ve set themselves, is $200 million. You have to make three times that to make a profit.

I don’t feel like the last one… They didn’t really take advantage of the 50th anniversary. The regimen at the time dropped the ball on the promo of the film. And we’ve lost momentum. I think losing Anton [Yelchin] was a huge blow to our little family, and our enthusiasm to do another one might have been affected by that. So I don’t know.”