For the first time since the Star Wars sequel trilogy was announced, there’s a change in directors for the franchise that isn’t just about creative differences between the helmer and Kathleen Kennedy. This time, we can blame COVID-19.

It was previously released that Tony Gilroy (Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, Michael Clayton, The Bourne Legacy) was set to direct the Rogue One prequel series about Diego Luna’s Cassian Andor. However, Gilroy is in the US and filming for the Disney+ series is in the UK. It is completely understandable that he would not want to make the trip right now, especially as Europe is now finding itself in the midst of a second wave of the pandemic.

Just because we are losing Gilmore, doesn’t mean that the streaming network is pumping the breaks. Deadline is now reporting that Black Mirror director, Toby Haynes will be stepping in to handle duties for the first three episodes. He was always set to direct some episodes of the series, but the travel issues created the opportunity for him to open the show and set the vibe for everything that comes after.

Of all the Disney+ shows in development, we are honestly least excited about Cassian Andor. Rogue One is arguably the best Star Wars film to hit theaters as part of the Kathleen Kennedy era, but it is hard to imagine that Andor has that much of a story to tell. With that said, what the hell were we really expecting back in the days that we were told about a new Star Wars series featuring an unknown Mandalorian?