This teaser might be really short, but it definitely sets the tone for Officer Grimes’ story arc this season.

The teaser, which is only about 15 seconds long, and very, very dark focuses on Andrew Lincoln’s Grimes.

He only speaks a couple of lines, and the second one is pretty hard to get. Here’s what we heard:

“It’s just a uniform. They don’t mean anything now?”

We already know that Grimes will be struggling with his role as leader and family man this season. What do you think he was talking about when he said “They don’t mean anything now”?

2 thoughts on “‘The Walking Dead’ Season 2 – New Teaser Released”

  1. the zombies aren’t true people anymore, thus “they don’t mean anything, now” He has separated himself from the feelings towards teh humanistic traits of the undead.

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