One of the biggest panels of Celebration this year was the Theme Park update. As we already know, both Disney world and Disney Land are getting their own special Star Wars lands, but now we are getting a little more info on just what we can expect.

First, don’t expect to walk into Tatooine, Hoth, Endor or any other world you’ve previously experienced in the Star Wars universe. The goal of the creative team was to create a new planet that has not been featured so guests could feel what it was like to be part of a Star Wars story where they didn’t already know everything that would happen.

The park is set to be completely immersive. That means that you’ll actually be able to pick whether you want to side with the Resistance or the First Order on the attractions and the choices you make will actually impact your experience.

As to how it is going to be pulled off, they didn’t say, but you can guess that it will probably tie into some sort of interactive bit of merch (magic bands) or possibly an app.

Check out the update video below and then click on the video below that to watch the entire panel yourself!