Disney+ is here and fans are scouring the streaming content to not only rewatch favorites and discover new films and shows, but also to see if anything has changed. It turns out that at least one big change has caught the attention of Star Wars: A New Hope fans. In the controversial cantina scene between Han Solo and Greedo, there’s now been a little extra something added to their interaction.

This isn’t the first time this scene has been tweaked. In the original, Han clearly shot first, but in the remaster from George Lucas, it was changed to make it look like they both fired at the same time. In the new version, it appears that Greedo says the word “McClunky” which goads Han into taking his shot. What could it mean? Maybe that after he kills him, he’ll skin Chewie and wear him as a robe? We’ll never know.

***Update. We do know. It turns out that the word McClunky is Hutteese for “This will be the end of you.” You can see the word being used by Sebulba in Star Wars: The Phantom Menace.

So, why was the edit made? According to Vanity Fair, it wasn’t done by Disney, but by Lucas himself before the House of Mouse ever bought the film rights. So, this really does just seem to be yet another case of George Lucas tinkering with his creation. Check out the original, the remaster and the new version below: