There are a lot of rumors floating around about Star Wars Episode VII. After all, filming is supposed to start in just about six months. One that we’ve been hearing lately is that JJ Abrams might be bailing from the film because he doesn’t want to spend so much time in the UK, away from his family. We just don’t see that one happening… There’s no way he turns down the chance to make a good Star Wars movie.

Aside from the rumor about Abrams, there are more and more casting rumors floating around. We’ve heard some in the last few months about Dane Dehaan, and Johnathan Rhys Myers, but now, we are hearing that the house of mouse is considering casting two Disney alums in major roles for the film: Ryan Gosling and Zac Efron. In fact, many think that a formal casting announcement will happen this weekend at Star Wars Celebration in Germany.

The rumor us that Gosling would be playing the role of Luke Skywalker’s son, but there’s no word on who Efron would be playing, possibly a long lost descendent of Jar Jar.

Source: Collider