Latino Review continues to be a wellspring of information when it comes to the upcoming Star Wars Episode VII from Disney and JJ Abrams. Yesterday, we had new information on Saorse Ronan auditioning, how big a role Benedict Cumberbatch will have, and where the movie will shoot in the US. Now, we’ve got news on two more auditions.

First up is The Butler’s David Oyelowo.

The one that excites more more is Michael B. Jordan. Word is that he didn’t just audition, he went in and met personally with JJ Abrams.

We have no idea what roles they are up for. We can guess that they aren’t going to be playing the sons of Luke or Han and Leia for pretty obvious reasons. Maybe they’ll are up for Mace Windu’s great great grandson. I hope not, but only time will tell.

Source: Latino Review