There are potential spoilers ahead. This is the second and final warning.

OK. If you keep reading from here on, you get what you deserve. When we last left John Boyega’s Finn in The Force Awakens, he was sliced along the spine by Kylo Ren’s light saber and in what appeared to be a medically enduced coma. New rumors about the upcoming ‘Star Wars: Episode VIII’ shed light on what will be happening to Finn when we first see him in the new movie.

According to sources, Finn will be awake and wearing a contraption called a “Bacta Suit.” It is said to be a wearable version of the Bacta Tank where Luke healed from his Injuries on Hoth. Reports are that the suit will be cut off of Finn, leaving him better than new. Upon healing, he’ll be sent on a very important mission for the Rebellion.

It’s not exactly a major plot spoiler, but it is a nice little bit of fan service if it turns out to be true.

Source: Making Starwars