There are several male fighter pilots in the original Star Wars films, but there’s really no women to be found in the film other than Princess Leia and Mon Mothma. Now we are learning that this wasn’t the initial plan when the original trilogy was filmed.

There were actually three female fighter pilots in Return of the Jedi. They were A-Wing pilots who fought into the Battle of Endor. Two of them first came to light when in the extra features of the Blu-Ray release.

One of them had a couple words of dialogue, but it was overdubbed with a male voice. On a very interesting note, one of them appeared to be a relatively elderly woman. This would have gone a lot to show the toll of the war, but I guess they decided against it.

The third and most mysterious Female pilot was played by Vivienne Chandler. What is so odd about her is that she had over a page of Dialogue, but was cut from every release of the film to date.


Source: Buzzfeed