The Cinematic trailer for Star Wars: Hunters is out for the Nintendo Switch and it has us very excited for the only game trailers that really matter, the ones that give real footage of gameplay. Even still, this game does look like it has a lot of potential fun for Star Wars fans who want to kick ass in gladiator-style combat. We have a feeling that some iconic characters will find their way into the game, most likely as DLC, but for now, Lucasfilm games seems to have at least given us a head’s up on the inevitable Star Wars Black Series wave from Hasbro featuring all the new characters in the game.

Star Wars: Hunters is landing onto Nintendo Switch in 2022! Welcome to The Arena, where the stakes are high, and the excitement is even higher. Watch as Hunters go head-to-head in an all-out, adrenaline-fueled battle. Which team will emerge victorious? Join the greatest Hunters from the Star Wars galaxy in grand arenas inspired by iconic Star Wars locales. Use skill and tactics, mix and match teams to find winning strategies, customize your Hunters, and engage in thrilling third-person cross-play battles. Pre-register now and help reach new milestones to unlock exclusive in-game content when the game launches!