Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker is now in theaters and we actually enjoyed it. Now that the Skywalker saga is done, it’s time to bring it home right? Well, if you want the complete Star Wars story in a massive 27-Disc 4K Blu-ray Box Set, it is going to cost you. IGN spotted the set on Canadian Best Buy for $327.

The set, which is slated for a March, 31st release, is no longer listed, but we were able to get some details before it was pulled. Sadly, we don’t know what will be included in the 27 discs, other than the 9 films. We assume that there will be plenty of behind the scenes material and we are hoping we may even get access to the original cuts of the film now that Disney owns Fox. Check out the one image they had posted on Best Buy before it was yanked by the powers that be.