Fans are starting to warm up to the Han Solo stand-alone Star Wars film, but how would they feel about a complete Han Solo trilogy? In a new Esquire interview with Alden Ehrenreich, the Solo star admitted that Disney/ Lucasfilm had signed him on for three pictures. So what does this mean? Possibly nothing. After all, Felicity Jones was also signed on to a multi-picture deal when she took the role of Jyn Erso for Rogue One, but there was really no way to give her a sequel after the end of that movie…

There’s a good bet that we are just looking at Disney covering their butts. The last thing they want is for Solo: A Star Wars Story to do so well that fans demand a sequel, but then they can’t get the lead actor back again. There’s also the possibility that Donald Glover’s take on Lando Calrissian could be such a hit that he gets his own spin-off and they’d need Ehrenreich to come back for a cameo. We won’t really have a good idea of Disney’s plan until we see the film in theaters on May 25th.

Source: CBM

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