The idea of Ewan McGregor coming back and reprising his role as Obi-Wan Kenobi in a new Star Wars film has been on a fan-fueled dream for years. While that dream seems to have died, it has found new life with the idea that Obi-Wan’s post-Episode III story could be told as a live-action series on Disney+. If the rumors are true, it’s not only happening, but McGregor has signed on and we’ll probably get an announcement at next week’s D23 Celebration.

The rumor, reported by Cinelinx, is claiming that multiple sources have confirmed the show is happening and that “Ewan McGregor has actually put pen to paper and inked a contract to return as the iconic Jedi Master.”

Take the news with a grain of salt for now. It’s all just speculation until we get official word, but there are a few things that make us think this could really be happening. Aside from the fact that no one has been campaigning for McGregor to return to the Star Wars universe more than the actor himself, the positive buzz on The Mandalorian series is probably making Disney consider streaming options as a safer bet than the recent box office disappointment of Solo: A Star Wars Story.

We’ll find out one way or another in just around a week, so stay tuned!