One of Seth MacFarlane’s dreams has always been to reboot the Flintstones. In fact, he’s probably parodied the classic show more than any other on Family Guy. Well, now it looks like he’s going to get his wish. It took a lot of time and even more lawyers, but MacFarlane will now begin work on a new Flintstones cartoon that will air on FOX.

One of the concerns of the rights holders is that MacFarlane would tarnish the brand, based on his comic sensibilities. My personal opinion is that they are probably right.

MacFarlane’s shows have been sliding more and more towards trying to get a laugh through shock value instead of through comedy.

If he does truly love the show, perhaps he’ll give it respect. However, unless he tries to make it “Edgy” it isn’t going to fit into the MacFarlane Dominated FOX line-up.

Here are some examples of McFarlane’s handiwork with the Flintstones.

Source: Deadline

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  1. Just what we need. Dino beating BamBam into a coma while Fred prances around naked singing the bird.

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