We are on the cusp of Star Wars Celebration and a lot of what we have below will probably become public knowledge within the next week. For now, we thank the folks over at MakingStarWars for putting all of this together. So, if you are wondering who you will be meeting and who you’ll be reunited with when Star Wars: The Force Awakens hits theaters, check out what we believe is a complete character listing below. Doesn’t really tell you much about the story, but it’s still a nice treat that gives you something to dream about.

Han Solo
(Queen) Leia
Luke Skywalker
Rey (Kira)
Kylo Ren
Poe Dameron
C-3PO (See-Threepio)
The General (Gleeson)
Uber (Serkis)
R2-D2 (Artoo-Detoo)
Wounded Stormtrooper (Village)
The Vicar
Junk Dealer
Junk Minion 1
Snowtrooper #12 (Falcon)
Salvage Station Bully (Desert Set)
Scared Villager
Captain Phasma
Star Destroyer Colonel
Rose’s Pub Barman (C049)
Evil Castle Teach #1
Brance (Rebel)
Rebel 1 Major Ematt
Rebel 2 Captain Trilla
Rebel Admiral
Evil Castle Officer #1
Evil Castle Officer #2
Gorwyn (Rebel Pilot)
Rebel Pilot #1 (Duncan)
Evil Castle Tech (Weapons)
Stormtrooper #1 (Village)
Star Destroyer Bridge Teach #2
Stormtrooper 2 (Village)
Gang member Mod #1
Gang member Rocker #1
“Bus Stop” Mother
“Bus Stop” Son
Lieutenant Mitaka
Naka (Flashback)
Local Trader (Flash Back)
Young Luke Skywalker (Flash Back)
Stormtrooper #10
Rebel Pilot
Rebel Pilot N.N.
Rebel Pilot #3
Rebel Tech #1
Rebel Tech #2
Captain Trilla
Stormtrooper #11
Stormtrooper #3 (Kylo Ren’s Request)
Stormtrooper #5 (Woods)
Snowtrooper #7 (Snow Steal)
Stormtrooper #8 (Door to Ramparts)
Evil Castle Tech (Scared)
Star Destroyer Bridge Tech #1
Star Destroyer Technician
Evil Castle Tech #4
Evil Castle Tech #5
Salvage Station Bully 2
Gang Member Rocker #2
Rose’s Pub Patron #1
Rose’s Pub Patron #2
Rose’s Pub Patron #3
Fat Cat (Now Confirmed to be Jabba The Hutt)
Gangsters Mill
Rebel Tech #3
Dr. Kalonia
Rebel Tech. #4

Chewbacca Photo Duble
Han Solo Stunt Double
Kira/Rey Stunt Double
Finn Stunt Double
Kylo Ren Stunt Double
Poe Dameron Stunt Double
Chewbacca Stunt Double
Vicar Stunt Double
Star Destroyer Colonel Stunt Double

Source: Making Star Wars