There’s a lot more to Stephen Amell and his cousin Robbie than the CW. Sure, Stephen is still kicking ass as The Arrow, and Robbie has now played two and a half characters if you count his role on The 100, then his turn on the Flash as both Firestorm and Deathstorm. But, they’ve both got growing careers. Stephen is about to be seen on the big screen as Casey Jones in the second Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles film, and if they decide to expand they recent X-Files revival into a series, it looks like we can definitely expect to see Robbie playing a major role in that. Oh, and they also have their own TV series about wine.

Now, the two have produced a ten minute sci fi film called “Code 8.” The movie is a proof of concept film for what they’d like to make into a feature project.

Amell wasn’t able to appear in the short film due to scheduling conflicts on Arrow and TMNT 2, but he’s planning on taking a role if they can get the full film funded through their new Indiegogo campaign.

The indiegogo campaign has only been up for a day and has already raised 167,000 of the 200k funding goal that they’ve set.

You can check out the campaign HERE