If there is one man in Hollywood who is not hurting for work right now, it would probably be Steve Carell. Amazingly, leaving The Office, actually made him an even hotter star.

Now it looks like he’ll probably be signing on to take the lead in a film adaptation of a book by Terry Brooks called “Magic Kingdom For sale. Sold!”

In the book, Carell would play Ben Holiday, a lawyer who is dealing with the death of his pregnant wife. In an attempt to move on, he purchases a magic kingdom for $1 million dollars from a catalog. Once there, he finds that the kingdom is all kinds of messed up and under threat from an source of malevolent evil.

If it goes well, this could become a franchise for Carell as this is just the first volume of Brooks’ Magic Kingdom of Landover series.

In the meantime, here’s a list of what else Carell is working on.
This June he’ll be starring in ‘Seeking a Friend for the End of the World’.
This August he’ll be appearing in ‘Great Hope Springs’ with Tommy Lee Jones and Meryl Streep
Then, in 2013, he’ll be playing against Jim carrey in ‘Burt Wonderstone’ and returning for ‘Despicable Me too.’

Source: Collider