“The Office” is one of NBC’s highest rated series and one reason for its success is comedian Steve Carell who plays the show’s bumbling bafoon of a boss Michael Scott. And while Season 6 of “The Office” ends next month, Steve Carell is currently only signed on for one more season.

In a recent BBC Radio interview, Steve Carell was asked whether or not he’d sign on for more seasons, as season seven will be his last.

Carell responded, although not surprising considering his successful transition from TV to film, is that season seven would be his last, “I don’t think so. I think [season 7] will probably be my last year.”

If you ask me, this would be a great time for NBC to end “The Office” as recently it’s tapered in quality and with the Jim and Pam storyline resolved and the high possibility of Carell leaving, it just time. While I’m not saying NBC should put it down like a dog with rabies, it shouldn’t be gutted into spin-off or continued with “replacement Michael Scotts.”

Just let it leave on a high note. We’ll always have the good memories.

Source: theofficetally