Earlier in the week, we posted about how the critics of Warner Bros, Suicide Squad have been less than enthused. We also posted about how some fans, 12,000 of them in fact, signed a petition to have RottenTomatoes.com taken down because it was biased against the DC films. AS Warner Bros actually owns a large stake in RottenTomatoes, and the site doesn’t post reviews, but just curates them, it was all pretty silly.

Today, the film is open all across the country and the fans have had a chance to see it for themselves. It a move that is not entirely surprising, they reviewed the movie so positively that it seems they have have actually seen a different cut. As I write this, the critics writing for the film is 23%, while the fan rating is 74%. We also know that the film has broken opening day records for August.

What can we make of the reviews? Honestly, I haven’t seen it yet, so I can’t vouch for them. However, I do find it interesting that these reviews seem to nearly parallel those of Batman v Superman. The critics score for that film is 27%, while the fan score is 65%. I don’t know how many of these fan reviews are based in fact or are just pumped through to bump the score up. Even still, I have to at least take heart in the fact that they seem to have liked Suicide Squad better than BvS.

SOurce: Rottentomatoes