Usually we tell you about the comic books that are getting made into movies, but today we’ve got something a little different… a movie that is going to get its own comic book companion. The movie, is Super-Size Me from director Morgan Spurlock. You may also know him from the cable TV series, 30 days.

The report from THR is that Spurlock is teaming up with Dark Horse Comics to create an original graphic novel that will act as a companion to the 2004 movie.

The book, “Supersized: Strange Tales From a Fast Food Culture,” will feature bizarre stories about the U.S.’s obsession with fast food that weren’t seen in the film while still hoping to make a point about health and nutrition. Spurlock will write the stories, with a mix of established and up-and-coming artists scripting and drawing the book. It is set for publication in the spring.

Spurlock said after his movie was released that he and Warrior Poets were inundated by calls from people who wanted to share their tales from the fast-food underbelly, including the story of a fat man whose cremation made a mortuary smell like French fries and the man that built in his garage a museum of McDonald’s food that never aged.

“As great as they were on paper, I think they’ll be better told in a graphic-novel form,” Spurlock said. “They’re funny, they’re gross, and hopefully they’ll be informative too.”

Ron English’s clown character, MC Super-Size Me will be the Rod Serling for these tales of twisted eating.