As Supergirl heads towards the finale of season 3 on Monday, the CW is already announcing a few changes for season 4. Jeremy Jordan, the actor who plays Winn Schott on the show will be dropping down from series regular to recurring. Meanwhile, the recently introduced Brainiac-5 actor Jesse Rath has been bumped up to series regular.

Executive producers Robert Rovner and Jessica Queller took to TVline to explain the changes. On Jordan, they had this to say. “We love Jeremy, and even though he’s [not going to be around full-time], we’re not saying goodbye to Winn at all. We’re already breaking big stories for him right now for the fall, and I think the fans will be excited to see what he has coming up.”

On Rath, here’s what they told TVline: “We love the character of Brainiac-5 and can’t imagine anyone but Jesse Rath in the role. He brings such fun, heart, and brilliance to Brainy, and we’re so excited he’s joining the cast as a series regular for season 4. We have a lot of great Brainy stories to tell.”

As to how this will affect the team in the upcoming season, it’s a safe bet to guess that Brainiac will be stepping in to fill any hole needed at the DEO for a tech whiz.

Source: TVline