After telling everyone that he was finished with Transformers after his third movie, “Tranformers: Dark of the Moon”, the master of explosions, Michael Bay, looks like he’ll be returning after all. His focus right now is “Pain and Gain”, a dark comedy starring Dwayne Johnson, but word came down a little while ago that autobots are in his near future… again.

Word is that Paramount is greenlighting “Pain and Gain” based on his willingness to do the next Transformers film. It has always been a Hollywood motto that “You do one them and one for you” in regards to how you pick your next projects. It looks like this might be the ultimate example.

The movie is set to begin filming next winter, but there is no word on the plot… other than the fact that it will not be a prequel. One bright spot is that Shia Lebouf will not be returning.

Source: Collider